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Karlsten Clothes Moth Killer Spray /Carpet Moth killer Spray Kills, For Killing Moths,Carpet Moth,Clothes Moths and Larvae in Household Storage Areas 500 ml

Karlsten Moth Killer Spray uses a lightning fast formula, killing moths & carpet moths instantly. Protect your home and eliminate moth infestations from you carpet & home with this professional pest control solution.

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Looking for the best protection and method of destruction for moths? Karlsten finally have the answer. After meticulous research and development, we believe we have the best Moth Killer Spray that forms the ultimate moth protection for your home.


The unique formulation of the moth killer Spray ensures that your home is protected from pests, making them stay away from your home. Protected by the power of our cypermetherin chemical Karlsten moth killer creates a barrier once sprayed can last up to 6 weeks.


We are very proud of our products and they all undergo strict quality assurance processes. Our Moth Killer Spray has been developed to provide a quick, easy and long-lasting pest control specifically for moths. You can buy directly from us with confidence with our quality guarantee and 100% satisfaction policy.


No messing around this item is formulated to instantly kill moths once they come into contact with the cypermetherin. Karlsten moth Killer spray is tested by the UKs health and safety organisation for your peace of mind that your purchasing a British made insecticide. Cypermetherin is Proven to free your home of moths today no more waiting.


Karlsten Bug & Insect Destroyer Sprays feature innovative bug barrier technology. Unlike other pest control products that only last several hours, our sprays form a bug barrier around the sprayed area which lasts up to six weeks. This is an economical, effective and hassle-free solution for controlling moths.


Advanced research into Karlsten moth killer spray, will cost you less with a proven Solution that is made to kill moths in a humane way.

Product Dimentions

15 x 10 x 15cm ;200 g

Item Volume


Material Type

Plastic Spray Bottle

Product Safety

Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


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